New Happy Day Spa

Special Massage Combinations

Combination Deluxe

Body Massage (60 min) + Foot Reflexology (60 mins)

Mini Combination

Shiatsus Massage (45 mins) + Foot Massage (45 mins)
(full body massage with clothes on)

Belly Wrap Combination

Belly Wrap + Body Massage (90 mins)
(Detoxifies, tightens, tones & firm the skin. Minimizes the appearance of cellulite)

Belly Wrap + Body Massage

We use three steps process to achieve the best results. First, G5 machine to breaking down fatty deposits, cellulite & dispersing this with excess fluid through the lymphatic areas. Then, we apply special massage techniques focusing on pressure point near lymph to help lymphatic drainage. Last, we put special fat burn cream & body wraps to further increase the effectiveness.

Body Treatment:

• Firms the skin and minimizes the appearance of cellulite & skin slackening
• Release toxins inside the body
• Good stress reliever and can help lower your blood pressure

Ashiatsu Back Walk

In Ashiatsu, the practitioner uses their feet to deliver treatment. The name comes from the Japanese, ashi for foot and atsu for pressure. This technique typically uses the heel, sesamoid, arch and/or whole plantar surface of foot, and offers large compression, tension and shear forces with less pressure than an elbow, and is ideal for large muscles, such as in thigh, or for long-duration upper trapezius compressions

Body Treatment:

• Increasing the level of oxygen in the blood
• Releasing toxins in the body
• Improving healing

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage involves the application of water-heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. In each 90 minute Hot Stone session, our professional massage therapists then incorporate a customized massage, with the use of hot stones, to create a healing and relaxing experience. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage.

Hot Stone Therapy is ideal for:

• Muscular aches, pains, sprains and strains
• Back pain and aches
• Poor circulation
• Osteoarthritis and arthritis pain
• Stress, anxiety and tension
• Insomnia and depression

Deep Tissue Massagee

Deep Tissue is a similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, and tendons.

Body Treatment:

• Releases chronic muscle tension and reduces chronic pain
• Lowers blood pressure
• Breaks up and eliminates scar tissue from previous injuries
• Reduce stress hormone level and heart rate while boosting mood

Swedish Oil Massage

Swedish massage is the most commonly  offered and best known type of massage. Its techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading , percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching.

Body Treatment:

• Increasing the level of oxygen in the blood
• Decreasing muscle toxins
• Improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension

Foot Reflexology Massage

RELEXOLOGY is an ancient Chinese technique in which specific pressure points are massaged in order to re-establish the flow of energy throughout the body. Reflexologists apply pressure on the “reflex zones” found on the feet, hands and the ears, which are said to correspond to the different parts of the body.

How Reflexology Can Help You

• Improves sleep quality
• Promotes immunity and increases energy levels
• Aids in detoxification
• Improves circulation

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